About Me

Hi. My name is Ken!

I am a self taught programmer. I taught myself HTML, CSS, and Javascript for a year and a half before I started my first professional gig in 2016. Some history about me, I was a college drop out turned nurse. I was working as a nurse for 5 years before I moved into tech.

I first started out professionally in the front end side of things doing a lot UI programming with web frameworks, because of my curiosity and good people who gave me a chance I quickly slid into the world of backend development.

I was exposed to code that has state changes that I couldn’t comprehend pretty early on. I remember it really hard to test! Then I learned about Redux. That concept made everything about state changes relatively easier to understand. I started learning about pure functions and eventually landed in functional programming. I now program in Haskell professionally. There was a lot of self diligence and of course good people who gave me a chance that I achieved this position.

On my free time, I play with more Haskell, and I also explore Purescript. In addition to fun hacking I also learn about libraries and concepts that could make work easier.